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Minikube is a kubernetes(k8s) project to enable running single node k8s cluster locally inside a VM, which can be used by developers to prepare their apps for k8s in development phase. For more info, refer their github project.

Minikube starts with some sane default VM configs for any modern machine.

DefaultMemory       = 2048
DefaultCPUS         = 2
DefaultDiskSize     = "20g"
MinimumDiskSizeMB   = 2000
DefaultVMDriver     = "virtualbox"

Which is fine for most of the time. But for various reasons, the defaults may not be what one needs. The VM configs can be overridden by passing flags like:

$ minikube start --memory 1024

But let’s say, we are constrained by memory on the system and missing the flag could result in freezing the whole system due to a 2GB memory VM. To avoid this, minikube config file can be set to override the defaults all the time. The config file is located at ~/.minikube/config/config.json, until explicitly changed. The config can be used to enable/disable k8s add-ons and set various parameter values for the setup.

To get the names of the configurable fields, run minikube config -h.

Configurable fields:

 * vm-driver
 * v
 * cpus
 * disk-size
 * host-only-cidr
 * memory
 * log_dir
 * kubernetes-version
 * iso-url
 * WantUpdateNotification
 * ReminderWaitPeriodInHours
 * WantReportError
 * WantReportErrorPrompt
 * WantKubectlDownloadMsg
 * profile
 * dashboard
 * addon-manager
 * default-storageclass
 * kube-dns
 * heapster
 * ingress
 * registry
 * registry-creds
 * default-storageclass
 * hyperv-virtual-switch
 * disable-driver-mounts

That’s the configurable fields at the time of writing this post. minikube config command lets you change the config without manually editing the config file.

$ minikube config set memory 1024
$ minikube config set disk-size 2000MB
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