Helm Chart Config Preview

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Helm is a kubernetes(k8s) package manager and it enables downloading k8s charts and installing them in k8s cluster. Charts are configured with default values, which can be customized before installation. helm inspect [chart] shows the Chart.yaml and values.yaml content of a given chart. The configurations are stored in values.yaml and heml inspect values [chart] shows only the content of values.yaml. values.yaml of mariadb chart: --- image: bitnami/mariadb:10.1.23-r2 ## Specify an imagePullPolicy (Required) imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent ## Specify password for root user # mariadbRootPassword: ## Create a database user # mariadbUser: # mariadbPassword: ## Create a database # mariadbDatabase: .

Minikube Config

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Minikube is a kubernetes(k8s) project to enable running single node k8s cluster locally inside a VM, which can be used by developers to prepare their apps for k8s in development phase. For more info, refer their github project. Minikube starts with some sane default VM configs for any modern machine. DefaultMemory = 2048 DefaultCPUS = 2 DefaultDiskSize = "20g" MinimumDiskSizeMB = 2000 DefaultVMDriver = "virtualbox" Which is fine for most of the time.

Securing Custom Deployments via Travis CI

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Custom Deployment Encrypted Secrets in Build Environment Limiting Deployments From Specific Branches Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence. DEPLOY. D E P L O Y. Travis CI can be used as a publicly hosted deployment system with inbuilt support for deployments to various providers. There are well documented guides about doing the same. But once in a while, one might end up using some service that’s not supported by Travis CI or even a specific feature that’s not supported, although there’s support for the provider.

Learning Hugo

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This site is just a playground to learn hugo, how it works and the workflow. Also, since the generated site is just a collection of static web pages, this site is hosted on github as github pages and gets automatically deployed at every commit to the master branch. The hugo project for this site is at the source branch. Every commit to this branch triggers a travis build, where the new pages are generated and with some custom deployment shell commands, the generated pages are committed to master branch.